Our weekly Content Lab Collabathon is a service market offering more than just the perfect opportunity for amazing professional pictures and videos for individuals, families and/or companies seeking to catalog new products.

Realtors are welcome to take headshots for their real estate sign. Attending models needing new pictures for their comp cards may employ hair, makeup, nails and wardrobe services from on-site service vendors and might catch the attention of a company in attendance to create content for marketing purposes, booking said model on sight.

This is the climate we are creating for the Collabathon experience, we also offer coaching to maximize the potential of the final multimedia products being created. We suggest a $25 donation for participation and welcome all to offer special prices for their services just for the day.

Specially curated Press & Reel experiences are available all week by appointment at our 24hr Art Studio in West Brickell. Inquire for details.